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DISCLAIMER: This is not officially part of the Underground History web site for the moment (as you probably guessed from the mast head image!) It's a page I started to put together after a failed first visit to Down Street station with my camera with full permission to visit and press permit to photograph to-boot, in the early days of putting this web site together... however for some reason, nonexistent required paperwork that "failed" to make it for that day's visit there so... I tried my luck with the photo permit elsewhere and... here is a rather basic account of my visit to Piccadilly Circus' abandoned locations!

In the end, until today [14th November 2019] it was made available to very few friends only - as you can see the narriative I like to give to my photography stopped early on... As did my photo cleaning - these are much rougher images than I've ever published here on Underground History.

Also, this page doesn't follow any of the web publishing standards I now adhere to... it really is, effectively a cut and paste of photos I took and a crude web page in the early '00s that I've never made available publically before!

I still hope you enjoy a "rough cut" of this web site from it's early beginnings that never quite saw the light of day... until now!...

Now published as a result of people asking me if Hidden London Piccadilly Circus tour is worth going on...

ME? Absolutely!

Piccadilly Circus Disused Tunnelling

There are quite a few disused tunnels in Piccadilly Circus station - more than in most. The reason for this is because when the station was served by a lift, rather than an escalator, the shafts that served the Piccadilly Line also served the Bakerloo line. The platforms were quite far from each other so a walkway was provided from the end of the Picadilly Line to the location of the lifts. The entrance and exit to these footpaths can be clearly seen at one end of the Picadilly Line platform.

Once round the first corner from the tunnels visible at the end of the Piccadilly Line platforms, original exposed tile work is visible.

The tile work is in quite good condition considering it's probably been abandoned for over 80 years.

The original emergency spiral stair case - now removed!

Almost at the end of the tunnel, near the lifts.

Looking back up the tunnel.

Across the lift shaft. Notice the original sliding door mechanism still in place.

Looking up the lift shaft. Notice the bakerloo line's doors partly up the shaft.

This is the Bakerloo Line concourse.

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